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WILDLINGS CLAN - 5 piece set.
WILDLINGS CLAN - 5 piece set.
WILDLINGS CLAN - 5 piece set.

WILDLINGS CLAN - 5 piece set.

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The ragtags of the forest folk, the Wildlings.

As the rebels of the forest, the Wildlings are an unkempt people. With frayed, slightly crack and split jackets, they really are the ultimate in forest wild ones. 

The Wildlings are a clan closely related to the Wilderlings (coming soon).

Made for little hands, they are wonderfully crafted. With a smooth sanded upper body and a light touch clean of jacket, they are a pure delight.

Use in small world fantasy play, imaginative scenes, or just because. The Elderlings can be anything tiny minds command them to be.

* Please Note: As this product is a in part item, customers should expect some wear and perhaps some compromising of the bark over extensive play. This is typical of both full and partially barked items and is not considered a product defect.  



Inclusions & measurements [average - centimetres]

• Quantity: 5 piece set 
• Wood: Australian Native Hardwood
• Size: 6.5 - 8.0 H
• Finish: Non-toxic beeswax wood conditioner
• Waterproof: N/A
• Each figure is unique, therefore each will present with a mix of different natural wood colours, knots and grain patterns. Some pieces may present with superficial surface checking (cracks and marks). This is a natural occurrence in air dried, natural timber and as such, is not considered a product defect.
• As all pieces are individually handcrafted, size may slightly differ by an approximate +/- 0.5 
• Recommended age: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.
• Display aids not included.

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