SNOW DOG SLED - 3 Piece Set.
SNOW DOG SLED - 3 Piece Set.
SNOW DOG SLED - 3 Piece Set.
SNOW DOG SLED - 3 Piece Set.
SNOW DOG SLED - 3 Piece Set.
SNOW DOG SLED - 3 Piece Set.
SNOW DOG SLED - 3 Piece Set.

SNOW DOG SLED - 3 Piece Set.

Hand crafted 3 piece snow dog sled.

Sets consists of 1x snow sled, 1x cargo bundle, 1x husky sled dog.

Our snow dog sled is uniquely designed to best enhance a full play experience. Unlike similarly designed sleds, our sled comes fitted with a fully contoured wooden 'cargo bundle' which is removable so as to allow for additional passengers or cargo if desired.

Made form premium first grade timber (pine and Australian native), the sled has outer pinned rails, independent permanently affixed handle and full genuine leather dog harness.

Additionally, each sled is fitted with a locating pin at the rear of sled to which is designed to accept our adult male inuit figure (sold separately).

The cargo bundle is a sold single independent piece cut from the same stock timber as the accompanying sled. This lends to achieving a cohesive aesthetic along the length of sled, along with appropriate fit so that the bundle does not slide (come loose) throughout play. Additionally, each bundle is hand contoured to accept our sitting inuit child (also sold separately).

The sled dog is hand carved from the finest premium pine timber available. Once carved it is then individually hand coloured. 

Each figure is unique, and is made with keeping to an heirloom quality, therefore each will present with a mix of natural timber to which will display variations in colour, knots and grain patterns, across each individual piece. Each piece will be completely unique. No two pieces will be the same.

Please note: Both our Snow Dog Sled and Inuit collections have been sized to pair with our future igloo release design.



Inclusions & measurements [average - centimetres]

  • Wood: Forest Pine, Native Australian
  • Quantity: 1x snow dog sled, 3 piece set
  • Size:  Sled 0.00 H x 0.00 L, Dog: 7.0 H x 7.5 L
  • Colour: Certified non-toxic water based acrylic (dog only)
  • Sealed with a beeswax and oil (non- food allergy) wood conditioner
  • Waterproof: no
  • Each figure is unique, therefore each will present with a mix of different natural wood colours, knots and grain patterns. Some pieces may present with superficial cracking as is typical of air dried, untreated timber.
  • As all pieces are individually handcrafted, size may slightly differ by an approximate +/- 0.25 - 0.5 
  • Recommended age: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.
  • Product is in made to order.
  • Due to variants in monitor display controls, colour may vary
  • Display aids not included.