PIRATE - Captain Hawk.
PIRATE - Captain Hawk.
PIRATE - Captain Hawk.
PIRATE - Captain Hawk.

PIRATE - Captain Hawk.

Captain Hawk.

Captain Hawk, or simply Hawk to his crew, is a semi interactive figure. With movable arms, hook hand and peg leg, he is dressed in long coat and boots. Whether perched atop shoulder or forearm Hawk's best mate, Petie Parrot (included) is never far away. With a side-mount cutlass sword, Captain Hawk casts a formidable presence. 

Unlike the Royal Navy or merchant service, in which the captain was a man with a great deal of nautical experience and complete authority, a pirate captain was elected by the crew, and his power was only absolute in the heat of battle or when giving chase. Pirates tended to prefer their captains to be even-tempered and neither too aggressive or too meek. A good captain had to be able to judge when a potential ship could outman them, as well as know which quarry would be easy pickings. 


Each figure is unique, and is made with keeping to an heirloom quality, therefore each will present with a mix of natural timber to which will display variations in colour, knots and grain patterns, across each individual piece. Each piece will be completely unique. No two pieces will be the same. 




Inclusions & measurements [average - centimetres]

  • Wood: Forest Pine
  • Size: 16.5 H 
  • Colour: Certified non-toxic water based acrylic 
  • Sealed with a beeswax and oil (non- food allergy) wood conditioner
  • Waterproof: no
  • Each figure is unique, therefore each will present with a mix of different natural wood colours, knots and grain patterns. Some pieces may present with superficial cracking as is typical of air dried, untreated timber.
  • As all pieces are individually handcrafted, size may slightly differ by an approximate +/- 0.25 - 0.5 
  • Recommended age: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.
  • Product is in made to order. 
  • Due to variants in monitor display controls, colour may vary
  • Display aids not included.