ICE SHELF - 4 Piece Set.
ICE SHELF - 4 Piece Set.

ICE SHELF - 4 Piece Set.

Need something that's a little more stackable and chunky than an ice floe? Awesome. Our ice shelves can be the platforms you need. 

Each shelf set set comes in a uniquely hand coloured cool ice scheme that ranges in shades of turquoise through arctic blue (2 turquoise, 2 blue pieces). No two pieces are the same, as no two sets are the same. Being completely made by hand, from solid timber, with edges being shaped and contoured on the top side (white) and gently rounded on the base (coloured) to best mimic the free form of waterline shelving, you are assured of receiving a one of a kind set that will be specific to you and your family.

Each colour palette is mixed individually, with the mind to best enhance the natural beauty of the grain within each wooden piece. It is because of this that each set will present within the palette spectrum as displayed, and whilst not being an exact match for the displayed set, will be close and just as beautiful. 

Each ice shelf set is shaped, then sanded to a satin smooth finish prior to application of colour. This lends not only a highly tactile feel to each piece, but also affords a lifelike aesthetic. Each shelf is a solid standalone piece, designed with smooth deep sides that also make for wonderful stackers to aid in lending some height to your play scenes.

As an additional, as seen within our small world scenes, we also offer a range of uniquely designed arctic and ice small world landscape pieces. We have available a range of play plates, ice floes, arctic and polar animals, along with a generously sized ice cave, and fractured ice towers all of which pair beautifully with our to aid in the creation of a wonderfully vibrant and truly fantasy like small world. All are available and can be purchased separately.

Due their generous size, our small scenery sets are perfect for epic small world table scenes. In particular our set fantastic for water, mythical and prehistoric play scenes.

Use in play scenes, small worlds, or as a standalone nursery décor item. 

*Please note: Our small world accessories are unique, in so much as each individual piece is hand cut and painted. Each piece whilst made using the same method, will slightly differ to that of the displayed image. In making (shaping and painting) we generally allow each piece of wood to dictate exact lines. This ensures that no two trees are identical, and that you will receive a truly unique piece both in form and in colour presentation. Due to nature of production (hand carved), some pieces may present with carving marks. This is typical of all hand carved items therefore is not considered a defect. 



Inclusions & measurements [average - centimetres]

  • Quantity: 1x Ice Shelf Set.  4 piece
  • Wood: forest pine
  • Size: 4.5 H x 9.0 W x 13.0 L - 4.5 H x 7.5 W x 15.0 L
  • Base Plate: N/A. 
  • Colour: Certified non-toxic water-based paint
  • Sealed with a beeswax and child friendly wood conditioner
  • Each item is unique, therefore each will present with a mix of different wood colouring, knots and grain patterns. Some pieces may present with superficial cracking as is typical of air dried, untreated timber. 
  • As all pieces are individually handcrafted, size may slightly differ by an approximate +/- 0.25 - 0.5cm
  • Recommended age: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years
  • Product is in made to order. 
  • Due to variants in monitor display controls, colour may vary
  • Display aids not included.

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