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Baby & Children's Products (including toys, accessories, clothing): CUSTOMERS purchasing products to which are specific to baby / children / knitted toys, agree to enter into such transactions whereby the customer agrees to FULL responsibility for such purchases, whereby the CUSTOMER also agrees to assume all liability for any damage caused by the product, in part or in whole, through misuse, loss or other, and hereby agrees to indemnify MADE WITH ALTITUDE, SASHA la COVEN, or their chosen representatives, against any such damage as caused by such misuse, loss or other.



In the rare event we agree to accept an international order, such customers will enter into such transactions under the following disclaimer.

Natural wood / forest wood / wood craft supplies: We sell many natural wood products direct from the workshop door.

To date we have not experienced any issues with international exporting. Typically, Australian natural timbers are considered safe for export, however, confirmation as to shipping destination customs and import requirements, to which is inclusive of ALL fees, levies, duties, and taxes that may be incurred on any such international import to the destination country will be at the responsibility of the customer.